A Condition 

Qualifications are most important keeping me busy for my inspection quiet time to find or create answers just in time 

My moments alone writing with purpose potentially laying steps to future breakthroughs for me and you

Preachers preach to themselves but you relate as we’re both under microscopes personally then public fortunate only one matters 

Instructor instruction while learning my function connecting vague pieces yes sir yes ma’am brain knowledge wisdom junction 

Creative most when I step back my lady the same we react with classics ignoring immature shame emotional games lame attitudes drivers swerving incorrect lanes 

Window panes with our pictures understanding this is our world as much as the next firing words easy to grip triggers 

Tired of being controlled we’ll make our own weather make it fighting together poems to create compasses leading without asking for directions 

Resurrection of similar leaders thrown away ignored from sections until obvious signs like my fellow writers giving sight to figurative blind breaking bonds from crimes 

My dirty condition keeps me grounded a loser on loose-leaf paper winner in hardbound books underground fellow welcoming you and yours to my nook

From North America to India to Germany Africa in Australia Canada too homie we connect though literature all our differences irrelevant smeared out passed we’re a blur of good minds 

I smile when I think about all of you repeat it gladly in double time. 


You’re welcome to enter the center let’s discover the power of unity and erase limitations imagine our curious minds connected without hesitation, saving our nations.


I was rejected because talking about money women and clothes was required to dumb down my listeners and I required better 

Who cares about gold chains and nice things when murder is committed by high officials bumping us off like a sorry game I rather spark involvement 

Dressed up in expensive clothing claiming sexual appeal and paying court costs for ignorance doesn’t make me squeal unfortunately others applaud foolishness 

Therefore I’ll stay writing in my corner alone or with others save a few sisters and brothers of diverse labels until they’re all covered I understand this is more important than the nationality of our mothers 

Our brief time ticking instead of focusing on differences let us join strong become witnesses to unity on Earth give birth to light instead of lost for midnight filled with blood I rather give you all a hug 

Always been a dreamer and I will continue with peace for everyone always first on the menu smiling with true hearts at thoughtful venues. 

Garbage Post : Dismemberment Clouds 

Independence planted as a seed because they didn’t like me

They is and were my demonstrations of being human 

Role models of any color absent meanwhile my actions immature then drastic

Perhaps get to learn early my path isn’t easy see I’m an architect designing on the fly makes me queasy 

However is it not wonderful to have responsibilities hurts like hell but the final rights and product mine 

Writing crooked getting pissed than using a ruler to make lines in whatever direction I want 

Joy is in pain love in hatred peace in troubled brains defeated several times only to stand again 

Unamused with politics while we bicker over flowers roots sneakily steal nutrients 

I’ve always been off general charts bad or good oddly enough I’ve met incredible humans swerving 

Pioneer in mental exploration trail blazing we’ll see in the end of school if I’ll make it 

Better than you no and once you understand the nature of existence foolish statements like that won’t happen anymore 

Cutting off self importance clouds of dismemberment have to go. 


I still get notifications regarding the old me

Twenty years ago wake up no they’re still asleep 

Lived with someone for seventeen years and she’s clueless bitter and spiteful oh well 

Hell my journey continues regardless of the cast stare at ya recieve hidden information then adjust my barriers 

Thirty seven years in the making surprise I’m just now awake when times headed low

Insert the proper gender description they’ve always been religious say this is our time to edit this time for next time

I don’t believe in a sequel or different opportunity 

I don’t believe in any gods but used to out pray out fast read my Christian Bible faster me and the ceiling spoke more than thunder during storm 

He’s a little a secret to keep you warm I don’t know who’s right and may not know until I say goodnight 

There’s something deeper than myself saying rules and regulations that hurt mankind are bankrupt so violence is used to enforce 

When something is truly good it doesn’t use fear to come across 

As a butterfly strutting by on a bright day with a kind breeze 

Or a gift of kindness from a fellow human when suicide was on the table now canceled 

A bitter family member now free and willing to smile and embrace 

A sincere smile of care from a child’s face 

Upgrades from this society don’t sting wholesome gifts of grace. 


Why give the answers out for pride to take over or brains we’re not ready 

Know liars in my life by claims of knowing life completely closed fists 

Even more incredible disgusting and inedible knowing death 

Son if you don’t follow this book after this horror you’ll be hanging again on hook

I’m surely not convinced when my money and skin color is important to our leaders 

If there is a paradise why do you seek to control me so much and hate 

Then claim God is good yes sir the idea is great 

He made everything and everyone pleased to see rape murder racism social problems add up line up to come 

Beating unbelievers that’ll show you what paradise is like submission or hellfire razor wire posts on acid coated moving spikes

Let us all hold hands except for the sinners right wing Jesus doesn’t invite those below him to dinner

Left wing Jesus just turns over his fingers and I’m like none of the saviors can save us from our self destruction streak it lingers

There’s something deeper than myself saying rules and regulations that hurt mankind are bankrupt so violence is used to enforce 

When something is truly good it doesn’t use fear to come across .

Just Us System 

Still not human enough. 

Bad eggs, the whole bunch dirty dozen. 

Still unworthy and not human enough. 

Guess time repeats with a tighter circle. 

Go Back Until You Understand 

Overhead,  underground, in the air,  covered by ocean, there is no escape is there 

Uniform murders by uniforms because snitches gets stiches 

Keep the bad with with our good mixing diseases with watered down cures 

My flag and probably yours too, wet with blood and tears, excuses for murder, hate than salute high

Exactly which God are we saluting because it sure likes sacrifices 

Given daily by people unaware of costs we pay in slaying our future 

Civil War means bodies stacked up in landfills, sign another purge and pave over bodies unmarked graves

We do one thing well, erase truth and history of humanity 

By the time we are done this planet will be red and done, with us. 


Your gods will call you up and shake their heads, 

Shout reset. 

No paradise for hateful hearts able to rest in lies,


No one wins crowns. 


Your prophets came, come,  and were, are, murdered just like you did the top picks 

Guess lessons aren’t for mankind because here we go again with bigger stones thrown, sometimes literally 

Blasphemy is a far less crime than killing someone you see but here it is, everyday in different ways 

In the final tally will your denomination save your soul exactly when did Supreme beings need protection 

At the finish line will arrogance buy you a home

Atheists invited but what have you done 

Rolling eyes doesn’t help you or the places you are from 

Holy warriors blind figuratively reading over THE BATTLE IS NOT WITH FLESH AND BLOOD, whoops 

It pains me, this creation of crabs pulling down crabs smart enough to want out, all or nothing 

Snitches get stiches until your life is on the grill

Then telling is okay, dumbass it’s necessary to cleanse our wheels for our transportation into a better world 

Very well, continue to boil and swear you’ll make it to a better place but it’s a plate awaiting your bodies. 


Your gods will call you up and shake their heads, 

Shout reset. 

No paradise for hateful hearts able to rest in lies,


No one wins crowns. 

Bitter Man 

All or nothing so let us burn the world 

Oh you’ve arrived just in time to sour life 

We were hoping for a good man to speak 

Instead pain cracks every seal fear has made you weak 

Discussions tumble into yelling one sided performances 

Before it was fun to have you around 

Medals for be condescending adding up 

Underneath nice furniture you’ve allowed diseases to pile 

So high we can’t see your heart anymore. 


You and you 

It’s all about getting at you 

Everything anyone does is just to annoy you right

People want to be happy and go on while you stay still simmering 

Our hands way up you are lost in bitterness 

Broadcast how the world isn’t good enough and violence is the way 

It’s clear peace isn’t desired mister iron fists 

So pissed 

In the Army of bitterness gladly you’ve enlisted.