Rescue Two Sides

Black ink, writing one side to understand itself and another

Dump my feelings off, read then respect a different view

Throw my care away for a second, pick it up realizing it’s precious

We breathe the same air, keeping our relationship fair.


Where Gaps Are Revealed

Step away from my love

Do you think I want sling insults

Make fun of you, bringing caring down

Then fuck you.

You should know me better

You’re all I’ve wanted

Now you love me so I should start some shit

No and fuck you.

If we touch wounds let’s say so then never do it again.

I apologize

Shouldn’t have exposed my mind

Some things shouldn’t be said

White lies to get someone off your back

Or fake lies to skip a response perhaps

Sea Of Raining

Hidden tears

Fall inside

Until they form

A sea of complication.

Playing strong outside

When Hell has risen behind eyes

Can you swim enough

Or will you sink before recuse?

Is there a rescue party in this place?

Fears builds metal walls

Climbing impossible

A sickness spreading

So please, don’t, drink the water.

Salty regrets and worthy blame

Yeah it’s water but hotter than flames

Crying bitterly within

Pretending outside until three end wins.

Currents constantly cascading crashing cringes.