In the corner

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  • This blog contains my poetry and other items with the theme of abnormal feelings.
  • This blog and the posts it has are NSFW.
  • Please don’t copy my stuff, it takes a great deal for me to even talk about some of these things and even more so post them.  Give a struggling man credit if you post my stuff.  If you are not sure about something don’t post it, just ask. I’m not a jerk unless you are.
  • I write about situations and sometimes people who I “know” but remember that opinions change. I wrote about what I felt the moment of the writing. So if a poem sounds like you it may or may not be, what matters are the emotions surrounding what I felt when I wrote the poem and where I wanted to be. If all else fails, you know how to contact me and ask any questions.
  • I try to proofread my stuff but usually I don’t. I’m working on it.
  • I am @nofaithpoet on Twitter and I enjoy followers. I tweet some things you may not agree with so check out my timeline before adding me. I will not take part in any drama as you are free to follow or ignore me at your discretion.
  • Please feel free to leave comments or like a post if you want. Regardless I am happy that you are here.

Who am I?

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Personality type: INFJ


I’ve been writing since…well for a very long time as my profile picture shows. All credit goes to my late mother who gave me a pad and paper to pass the time. It has become the greatest weapon I have in the fight against shutting down.



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