The Better

I’m better because of my skin 

I’m better because I was born here

I’m better because of my social economic status

I’m better because I think so 

I’m better because I believe things you do not 

I’m better because I’m a skeptic 

I’m better because I’m a follower never questioning 

I’m better because I have a penis 

I’m better because of my vagina 

I’m better because I hurt others 

I’m better because I volunteer to be a victim 

I’m better because I hate those I was told to hate 

I’m better because I’m independent but I follow real close


Humans are so very interesting 





So intelligent they are ignorant 



I’m better because I’ll kill to prove my God of peace is the only way  

I’m better because I can abuse anyone I want without consequences 

I’m better because I think power is divine 

I’m better because I lie and masses believe me while I blink my eyes and hold my hands behind my back contradicting my own words 


I’m better because admitting weaknesses doesn’t happen 

Therefore I’m better because nothing is ever my fault 

Oh I’m better because I see injustice and mind my own business 

I’m better because snitches get stitches unless it involves my investments 


I’m better because I’m not gay

I’m better because I’m gay 

I’m better because I signed a marriage certificate 

I’m better because even though we live in misery the years are adding up and look good 

I’m better because I’m in the majority 

I’m better because I’m the underdog and the world owes me


I’m better because my race was picked by me but I got on a certain team and can use it to step on more necks

I’m better because I hate women which makes me a stronger man

I’m better because I got rich and refuse to help anyone 

I’m better because I let television construct my life 

I’m better because I follow whatever anyone says then use as an excuse to be cruel 

I’m better because I pray for my enemies to burn without mercy 

Oh I’m better because I’m good and my enemies don’t deserve mercy 


I’m better because I dress up on Sunday then leave church with the same attitude 

I’m better because the outside of my cup is clean but inside is very crude 


Humans are so very interesting 





So intelligent they are ignorant 



Patriotic Gods

Certain neighborhoods are blessed,

Certain people conservatively dressed, 

Given winks from flags and books, 

Immune from consequences and an eternity of punishment, 

Be born on the right side to get a package from the most high. 


Silent followers are the best, 

For their villian can continue to without need for rest, 

Years of lively  abuse surely equals a great afterlife, 

Can’t be our patriotic god is a system of control hand out and we’re lost, 

Silence when innocent people are beaten and hung high,

Must be for a divine reason therefore fighting back is just blind, 

Oh surely we’re being tested shot down neglected disrespected for riches after the fact, 

People who pray to peaceful gods see violence say nothing are still on track. 


God made us all in his love, 

Except you.

God made us all in his love, 

Except whoever looks different, 

Oh in their case may Hell rain gasoline. 

Because we go by rules we cannot follow to condemn each other expecting mercy in our own cases. 


A country built on slaves lies greed and murder, 

Constantly boastful proclaiming to be the best and free, 
Incarceration highest for profits, 

Segregation and sponsored poverty, 

Is telling you to give your best for later, 

While harvesting it all for now, 

Happy to kill from fear of extinction, 

Causing the very same outcome they swear it’s solving, 

Patriotic gods are paper thin, 

Any resistance eliminated lest intelligence enters in, 

Keeping you scared and uneducated pays, 

Stay on your knees we swear through obedience you’ll be safe, 

Or else torment without parole, 

We love you children stay in your holes. 


The free world, 

For a price. 


Open for business. 


Here’s a kiss. 

Dying Wish Clouds

May my last moments have you within 

Only hands I trust for many good reasons 

Perfection damaged but still here

Our scars have brought unity forth

Even as our loved ones expose their ignorance 

Concerned of many pointless things 

Causing eyes dark rings pulling tears down 

Just like shades we hide behind no one gets how short time is

They don’t see how fake time is


Rules make our relatives breathe

Our friends go on unable to see

Comments ignored tossed in contaminated seas

Violence instead of heeding peaceful pleas

Go ahead with separation 

Fuck uniting makes hate impatient 

Fear behind every injustice directing scenes 

My lover partner eye opener wraps her arms tightly to save my sanity

Almost jumped from the edge now I am holding on to see 

My choices in this one shot life I have

Her eyes always assure me love lingers here far from the past


Death is going to come for me

I just want her love to escort me to the silence I came from

Maybe it won’t be so scary with her eyes fading out of mine 

She’ll sing me away with a final thought provoking song 

As least my death will mean something to someone true 

No one else matters the way she does Oh how we moved from our starts

Did you ever dream I’d be wanting to say goodbye to you 

A stranger before part of your existence fighting back to back we’ve resisted 

Their hurting words since we’ve arrived. 

Orbit TalksĀ 

I’m not sure we’re connected at all 

You’ve shown me negative gravity in many things 

In the past I tried to hold you close 

Through these telling years departures have been necessary 

Too much radiation generated by your immaturity 

Everyone has a part in your consequences still 

Something or someone out here invisible and angry 

Aiming towards your life like an easy target 

Well I don’t agree. 


I no longer wish to know you

Turn my back heading out of your solar system 

Hope you become whatever you want without mentioning me

I’ve seen your atmosphere from a victim’s view 

Float away I’m through. 


Congratulations on your solo mission 

Life support is in your hands

No requests from your world will be processed 

Honestly I don’t give a damn

Go away is the last song from my band

I’m not sure we’re connected anymore 

Convinced you’re all toxic doors. 


All of my poems read to see where damaged thoughts wonder, 

Possible insight into why it’s hard for me to sleep peace fumbled, 

Oh love I don’t think you know where my shadows show, 

Stop swearing with your eyes I don’t know if I’m any good, 

Honey you say I am but judgements in me differ greatly, 

Everyone has some grime accumulated, 

Be careful while you help don’t become tainted, 

Acquainted misery tales, 

Infected surely compromised by ongoing waves of fails,

But if you can help my visions tune my experiences to good, 

Teach me kindly please help me I think you should. 


Beautiful flowers die unseen every year I am not better, 

Poems written lyrics given no glance at all buried silently, 

She makes them a priority discovering views translating diligently, 

A fellow pen climbing in a book to save her character, 

Teach me kindly please help me I think you should show freedom against barriers.