Coffin Prayers By My Brothers

Prayers for my coffin, curses for an enemy
Empty heads filled with disaster
Superior malfunctions disguised as genius
Opening fire with a deadly tongue, always selfish reasons
My skin color offends, your dead ends offend me
Vast discoveries hidden under giggling rocks and clear waters
However I worry about being murdered in my backyard
Lynching with weapons and badge isn’t hard, white blankets protect hatred lovers for god.
Dark days I think about pulling a trigger and opting out
But what if my voice breaks through changing strongholds and doubts
Silly humans against gambling, gambling life and death
Gambling every decision or lack thereof, roulette wheels
And I know there’s no salvation or special endings
Perhaps dying to change this world’s insanity is worth defending
Coffin prayers pending.



We need to be free and still I would like you in a jar

Oh let me speak figuratively swerving between emotions

I trust you, not wanting this if you don’t want me too

Still sometimes I get afraid

Aware of how great you are and how I’m lacking such marvel

Hugs to erase my fickleness joined with uncertainity

A jar to keep her confessions of love always on display.

Come Back Town

After all she’s said I know it’s better if I come back to town.

I was ready to leave with everything packed, tickets and time matched.

How a few words and loving look changed my direction I don’t know.

But now I’m ready to come back.

I’m ready to lay wherever she’s at.

I’m changing all I knew, I know.