Prescription Perception Dose Two

Please don’t follow my trial into darkened discovery

Mission to regain my humanity stolen by other men

Actually it never left, just hidden under scars and stars

Stripes promising equality yet always barred

Scary tales of outside killers while inside ones stay festering

Do we have enough pills to march on, always under attack

Capital capitalism, costly prescriptions in hidden cracks

Widened for us

Before we die early our minds want to leave marks, last breath hoping they stick, stuck.

Some don’t see blood pouring into our streets

Young lives forfeiting this horrid game, suits cheat

And we can’t figure out why pills have become candy

Living daily wondering if this is the day they’ll find a gun is really deadly

Opting out, unknown

Unloved tired and worn

I’m just an older victim of national hate programs

Perception fucked up all I see are failed plans.


Prescription Perception

All I need is a strong dose of confidence in this blood.

Meditation refreshing my waning faith producing endurance.

I’ve been close to edges pondering leaping.

Seen images of being tormented, left alone weeping.

I’m responsible for my hands in peace or war.

Overcoming lies and hatred in my cell.

Do I see what I want to see?

Am I in a locked cell or secretly free?

Is the savior I’ve been waiting for inside a mirror hidden attendee?

Perscribe myself, perception.

Cut away, suicidal suggestions.

To stand as tall as I am.

Refusing being damned.

Forget A Day

Can we have fun tonight

Break out of our cycles

Honey you’re so tight, tense as hell

Feeling like we’re on repeat

I am the one here to break up stale walls you love

Follow me tonight, I’ll keep you in the town past our bedtimes.


Or perhaps I should settle down in dead leaves like you do

Give in to routines claiming nothing is new

Say we should do this and go there but end up in the same place, living room chair

Just think if we can’t leave town let’s make it our own

A sack, music, writing poems

Time when I can be myself without censorship

Laughing so damn loud enjoying life.


I am the one here, I am the one here to break up these stale brick walls you love

Follow me tonight, let’s drive windows tight smoke surrounding us

I’ll keep you in the town past our bedtimes.