South Sixth

Around unknown corners

We looked for an exit

Ran from our previous intersections

Stumbled without looking back

Aware of the chances taking chances brings

Oh how our faces glowed in revolution

Not aware of but determined to make victories

Anything to stay committed.


Done With This Season

Changes coming new flyers yeah new thoughts

I’m holding things together but still some of it falls apart

Reminders of changes and I know this love isn’t the same.

Bags packed quickly so ready to be free,

Leaving me .

And some of me is relieved

No more being an entire world

I can lay down without being questioned

My silence isn’t accused of being weapons

Done with this season

Midday Blues

At work feeling foolish

Monday hours setting in

When I’m here I think of somewhere else

Almost anywhere far

Maybe I’ll calm down

Maybe I’ll realize flight doesn’t solve all

Winking at a lottery ticket

Ready to call out

Stupid chances

I’ll be in tomorrow.


Rather leave early

Hug my lover tight

Smoke three bowls

Slide over to our bed

Feeling thin

Spread and stressed out

Counting hours impatiently

Half way there

Her face awaits

As my care does as well

Call work tomorrow

Tell them I’ll be in tomorrow’s tomorrow.