Voice Surrender

Desire asked for

Draining me as I would lick you dry

And now I feel like a stop before home, an errand

When I need to be needed the most I feel strange

Walking through uncertainty scares just a pinch

You would often entertain my daydreams and wants

However these nights my voice surrenders

Body quiet, headaches silent

Sleep soundly while I wish to speak softly, I’m vulnerable

Yes while you sleep my heart beats excessively

There were times you’d calm my world view

But I think you’ve forgotten who I am.

Is it my body, is it my aroma

Is it words I speak, issues of my health

Pondering how it all dwindles requires energy

Energy cumming for you gave

My time is shorter, I hope our time is longer somehow

As I fight my mind in minefields laced regrets to sleep

Spiral thoughts like these cut small ruining the good times

But as always these storms will pass.


Fire Instead Of Us

Hands awaiting love

Faces amazed

Some rather destruction

The past calling again

Instead of unity

Future for the pioneering friends

Yelling I have reasons while jumping into intense fire

Anything to keep hatred burning

Noticable for miles

Noticable from space

I can feel its heat everywhere I go

Civil war loaded with massacre

Dirt dry so we need more blood

Hands awaiting reason

Broken for good

I think broken for evil.

Without A Lighthouse, I Dream

Sounds of beauty surround me and yet you appear taunting such a backdrop,

We argue and fight lives apart although giving a damn isn’t here however emotions wash up crookedly,

Reminders of lost time with good intentions between incorrect puzzle pieces being hammered into submission,

Life is this, attempts to swim or load boats for new lands awaiting adventurers dating enough or wrecked,

With or without a lighthouse I dream of places I’ve never seen but have us, rather echoes of us I rather not experience,

Sea of mistaken choices during seemingly normal seasons.

In other battles my home is safe, rather a deceptive rock where I hide until necessary wins, as it always does,

For my hands are not weak, just my place, rather my footing, doing unwanted things in unwanted places,

Uncared for considered lucky to be mistreated on the clock while my true skills watch unloved in silence,

How I long to write unseen fields into existence drawing new plus old ears excited for a tour, meanings they discuss but want more,

Gazing into skies nature and smoke would elevate us with hours of leaving our bodies, minds even on safe journeys into meaning,

Alas I’m out to sea facing more than upcoming undetectable harsh storms as I need two in regards to a compass strangely enough with no map,

One compass for that which I see or maybe seen,

Another for perception mixed with survival in which without a lighthouse, I dream.

Unpublished Shock Value

Humans, books chosen for advancements never exclude control

Especially when capturing minds is always the goal

Emotions coal, fueling fears leading to mistakes punishing misdirection

They say I’m bad while getting robbed skies above during awaiting resurrection

Divide then do it again, humans can’t stand, a humanity divided can never win

If Satan was real he’d run for president and sin win laugh during executions satanic grin

Shifting blame blaming shifters the con man’s scriptures

I’m nothing to this world still supporting cast in a different movie a world premier picture soon

Ears so hungry people will dance to any tune perspectives limited, so we get high to view Earth from our moon

Chains from brothers, ignored by mothers, same mothers we call whores laughing while they suffer



Dying seems so terrible until your peers taint life

Depression brings it closer yelling yeah that’s right

Why night after night in and out of sight loosing fight

Screaming the sky is falling get laughed until folks can no longer walk they crawling

A curse onto you, ask your fellow humans to think on any level get booed

Criticised when lacking brand new clothing, new shoes

Dues to be delivered in insight nights lacking sleep putting seeds in paper, never read releases

Forehead and eyes showing pain plus several creases

This seems like an episode guess reality of this fake shit never took hold

Still holding strong secretly fighting throwing hands screaming fold.

Graveyard Sermon

Can’t be there but I’m watching

Always in your heart no never will we part

So even though a stolen grocery cart is home

Be happy those limbs aren’t gone

Stop fussing looking for gates appreciate a planet full of snakes

Encrypted messages with an unknown ending at stake

Great time to be alive North America bringing forth closed minds

Blind to actions planting the last wet eyes behind blinds

Dropping willpower faster than evil look at my work

Plenty of reasons to be a jerk spread sorrows spread hurt

Hugs from another place look and feel like my clothes call me emperor

Tempers up just like my hands you crazy kids


How to be a man clueless bastards say with anger and quicksand

How long can ignorance fear and anger stand promised blessed but really damned

Fear of the future causes males to shoot ya engineer a resurrection kill you again after the reboot because double tap

Meanwhile the supreme father takes a nap unless his ten percent don’t overlap snap of the finger eternity trapped

I almost did dirt in holy names but something was off saved me then I changed


Looking at walking graves.