Crash A Hole


Crash silently they’ll never know 
Why reach out just lose control 

They’ll ask why you didn’t ask for help 

Tell them asking just reminds you nothing is left

Sleep hides when unknown feelings rise 

Murky water with tides a sinister prize 

Hints and tips ignored so why push harder 

Yelling impatiently for help weaknesses uncovered 

Instead a crash. 


Conserving air in despair going down straight faced 

Please don’t ask for billboards of these struggles 

Heavy load on fragile shoulders don’t stab deep requiring an audience 

Either we’re in together or fooling ourselves 

While this side rusts does the other get polished and protection 

While one side sinks does the other flourish untouched 

Ask why some suffer in silence refusing to speak 

Crashing while surrounded by peers asleep. 


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