Garbage Post: Farewell Monica 


Years ago I did not understand why I should live 

A cruel joke like ants trapped for observation 

Slaves beaten called inferior yet good enough to serve plantations 

Segregation even in churches gods silent 

Violence because supposedly we were violent 

Programmed into my blood by emotions of my family members 

I died a few times refusing to surrender 

Hated later for refusing worship to mute beings 

Said death twice for bastards running away from the sky must be backwards 

I’ve seen poverty reveal truth 

More than palm reading or preachers swearing repentance is ten percent via toll booths

A detective a real undercover sleuth 

Willing to visit sewers squeezing in gutters 

Beaten figuratively still against following others 

Easy to fit in I cannot believe it’s not butter 

So farewell Monica 

The misson is winning complete ignorance 

Blaming beatings reversals stripping chances dollars cents over sense 

Oh they’re open for business at humanity’s expense

I spit on the tricks antibacterial rinse 

My fame zero who listens to a writer income hovering above zero 

And all over the world considered not as a person description negro 

I have a name but why learn it skin color in the background I heard them say he goes 

Woe and woes we’re waiting for the fallout 

Greed destroyed an entire civilization printed paper over shouts 


Prophets burned around the globe they say it’s flat 

Doesn’t really matter ignorance is the biggest hat worn lovingly 

Stacks open for others to appear we can’t hate fast enough the new old waves are here 

Monica I wrote the president he’s too busy tweeting I’m spent 

Evaporating until my death 

Tell me why I should sacrifice 

Tell the truth heard lose life

Ignored silent cries broke nights 

Can’t restart ain’t a game 

See a doctor shoot legal drugs in a vein 

Whenever history is distorted the people fail

Stability isn’t wanted for profit prison or jail 

Tell your neighbors get told to go Hell 

Or shown that’ll teach bless us but you no bail

Artificial intelligence gonna make a lot of people pale 

Numbers run and ran we’re disgusting 

Suicide by too many done no answers coming 

Popular options linked with popular opinions 

Hasn’t been working but hell yeah daily lifted 

Like hands unaware of the truth 

Took a dog to reveal reality behind the booth 

Covenant of wizards in Oz 

Woes and woe waiting for the fallout


If you go back there’s a pattern 

Public school doesn’t serve facts 

So Monica most of us miss it

Disgusted when I uncovered it in plain sight 

Division broadcasting get the lines tight 

How you gonna fight the monsters 

In control they have great power 

Get you in shit won’t be cleaned in eighty showers 

While you watch your neighbors burn 

Following commands thinking soon prosperity will give them a turn 

A nightmare flick on some greed above human beings shit 

We don’t throw rocks we throw excuses 

Jesus let his followers die if the premiums weren’t met



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