Killing For A Dollar 

Stand still and listen without questions 

Until resistance lies defeated sound with deadening effects 

Paper bodies ripped in half from above by pressure 

Hands stretched meant with radiation instead of mercy 

Brought from tighter collars gladly killing for dollars 

Swear this is all a test to find the best in worship lay down and we promise more later 

Smiling and nodding 

While your neighbors die 

While we build tall fires convincing you to abandon hope 


What is a soul worth 

Money now while you wait for another birth 

Give your belongings away here 

Tangled arms tangled lips easily controlled 

Would you kindly look away 

Better not look behind and learn the truth 

Killers for a dollar and you’re the paper

Sold you on payments to be obtained later 

Smiling we’re killing for a dollar. 


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