Change A Filter

She’s so worried that I’m not interested, 

In her cares or her words but she doesn’t know, 

How I’m failing to swim in my errors, 

I can’t concentrate on anything else. 

I’m a feather swearing I’m a brick, 

Won’t move, claiming gravity rules me, 

Sometimes I don’t think I’m really free, 

Clueless of what freedom means could and can be, 

Operating under half power in other words going through the motions of life, 

As if I’m waiting for something else afterwards. 

Maybe I should get a tattoo of her name on my skin, 

Reminder I’m not displeased with her, I’m displeased with myself, 

Sure there are things I’d like to change, human limitations are human, 

But I’m more worried about my faults then hers, 

Weaknesses fight perception, life blurred, 

Plus she shouldn’t look to me for perfection, 

I’m far from any answer key or second place. 

Love may be pinches then apologies, 

Love may be holding up each other while we weep, 

All this could be about finding joy until our bodies inevitably fail, 

I rather be with you figuring out my path than waiting until everything is perfect because time will laugh, 

There’s no such thing as prepared for the unknown. 


So hold on to my shirt, 

Let’s work together even if we hurt, 

Find better ways to proceed, 

Lick, suck, and thrust then get sleep, 

Changing filters when we feel dirty, unclean, 

Uncertain, unworthy, 

Keep holding each other lovingly. 


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