Just Go Along 

Asking first is annoying he rather just smile and ask for forgiveness

Follow along he says pretending to care for the other half

Oh he says her voice matters but it doesn’t matter

He knows she’ll just go along

Knowing damn well she doesn’t want to tell him no

Making plans and saying she shouldn’t complain because it’s what he wants to do

Asking why her face isn’t smiling no idea no he doesn’t have a clue.


The cuts begin so small only to expand over time

She could feel the sensations of following along pulling at her mind

How many times should someone say they want choices respected

Before the pain starts holding back some heart another one deaf to a message

Guess he doesn’t care what she really thinks

If it’s not according to his plans the whole world sinks

She feels guilty about being broke overweight and hurt

So going along hiding thoughts will have to work.


She asks for something before they go

He didn’t listen she stays silent headaches flip and roll

It’s not so big yeah easy fixes right now

But in time the best intentions wear out

He asks if she’s okay and she says yes

She is but could be feeling even better without the stress

We all lie to a point a fine tip

Better than arguing just get it over with. 


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