He shouldn’t concentrate on her as much as he does 

Calming down excitement is better talk is better 

Can you imagine being told you want too much 

Trying to numb the calling being asked why he doesn’t smile as much 

Yelling maybe some time apart will fix a dizzy head 


Caught in the experience of being with her moans 

Wanting it constantly she says change how frequent eager hands roam 

Calm down lover you are too hot sometimes we need the cold 

Too concentrated 



It’s too much and the thrill has worn off

Talk of orgasms multiple times a day simmering 

Reducing thrusting stock 

Find a different stock she says 

Invest in something else aren’t your hips tired 

Take a break and miss me for a while 

He’s heard it before and it’s hard to smile through it but what else can happen 

We’re only human yeah humans get comfortable take life as a promise 

Strip ability away regrets come to play consequences come some stay looking back wishing for do overs on days passed 


Too concentrated on a touch meant to be experienced in doses more contained 

Lay off desire bring down your fire occupy yourself with something else 


Dilute passion it’s too concentrated 

Yeah dilute. 


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