Spinning Teases 

Excitement stripped away tell me 

Do you think about my side?

Glowing feelings and eyes taken away 

Do you want to understand me? 

Caution lights becoming brighter 

I’m sure you know why I am being cautious in exposing my gifts to you 

Sometimes I’m not sure if you know how fragile I am 

Yeah I pretend to be so strong ready for any environment 

Alone I crumble under weighing significance 

Questioned by all when I’m silent reflecting 

Microphone on am I supposed to perform until a dark curtain comes? 


Want to touch too much 

Feel too much too much 

Sensitive too much 

Quiet too much 

Myself just too much 

How should I perform my lines 

How should I be your idea of me

Shouldn’t I be myself 

Accepted the way I am 

Heart on my sleeves 

Damaged dying man. 


Curled against the wall in bed hoping I’m doing right by you

Scared I’m failing and scared I’m going to be hurt

Terrified I’ll hurt you some way and break your smile 

Horrified you’ll be heartless to ruin mine

And I can’t express why I hold you so damn tight even when you sleep 

No I can’t explain why I turn over afraid I’m not wanted the same 

Even when you’ve proven you love me and say it sweetly sincerely 

Oh we both know I’m a broken man years damaged in my blood 

Oh we both know I am broken glass in a package trying to be whole. 


Sadly I don’t think I’ll ever believe I’m good enough for good 

Sadly I can’t expect anyone to understand me honey I don’t understand myself 

Sadly I’m a fucking mess mind spinning teases I’ve been less than I’ve wanted for a long time

Frozen in a damaged mind. 


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