Blank Wet Envelope 

My letter written then forgotten 

Words smeared and it doesn’t matter 

You never listened anyway 

Didn’t care about what I had to say 

I’m scared I’ll do my kids the same 

Wish I didn’t have your last name 

Years passed away and I still don’t know you at all

Almost time for us to pass away and our connection isn’t strong 


It hurts less when we don’t talk 

Painless when I forget you help make me 

Happier when I don’t expect you to come through with promises 

Oh I haven’t asked you for damn thing 

You taught me it’s not worth asking 

Taught me to stay silent dying 

Keep drowning without trying to breathe 

So here we are again 

I’m disappointed again 

On my own again 

Never enough to stick around for 


Decline my emotions 

Confused and weakened 

Unsure possibly deleted 

From any purpose worthwhile 

Alone in my mind’s miles of dead ends 

My letter ruined by rain

Also a few tears in the margins. 


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