Mending Importance 

Hopefully I’ll see you happy 

Shortcomings done chasing 

Fears defeated 

I want to lead you to great ideas

Escort you to epic moments 

My loving hands on your soft skin  

Eyes flirting back and forth without end

Hours spent holding you so close

Time management I’m happy stated in posts 

I apologize for being sexual everyday 

I’m too damn happy with my dream woman and safe

Of course life is about more than sex

Kisses on your forehead to prove I know it and fully get 

We can’t stay in bed and cum every minute 

Just want to look back before I die without a blemish 

Of wasting time with your touch I’m not afraid to tell anyone I love you so much 

The person I’ve always wanted 

Flaws and all a strong woman undaunted 


I don’t want us to get too comfortable 

Want us to be aware of each other every single day

And I know I’m fortunate to have you around 

Love infused into every stare and every moment we’re in tune. 


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