Proper Expectations 

I don’t want mess you up

Underneath my silence questions 

Gotta led us to a better place 

Sweat on my face as I weigh case after case 

You don’t understand how much I want your smile sincerely 

Prepared to fight myself the greatest villian 

Always with a smirk within my mind chilling 

Dry ice creating the background slapped with fog

Odd how minutes slip by undetected 

Hatred of nation resurrected while we look on hurt

Okay I got down love and how to flirt 

Need to get down breakthroughs putting in work 

Even show up in church on Sunday if it leads to funds day

Guess the game of life is played with money

Honey pack your bags and invest before holding hands gets us into deep shit 

We have cursed minds 

Able to see over little changes from strangers 

Unaware of future ripples 

Why do they think we stay dazed drinking liquor 

They stay occupied with who should and who shouldn’t say… Anyway 

You love the days I think of you and write going off 

Only time I’m soft is after the condom does its job

Just want you to be okay times infinite gladness 

Perfection like when I look through glasses 

Surviving this world fighting worldwide madness. 


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