We Lack 

Remember I would drift off and imagine freedom 

Type of freedom we could do whatever we wish while holding each other 

Until you would shake me straight 

Gently reminding me I lack miracles and always will 

A foolish man wasting air with ignorance because happy endings don’t exist 

Shake your head to remind me there is no escape from loosing my breath 

Like garbage I’ll be tossed away after use 

Therefore I shouldn’t put so much into my surroundings I’ve heard

Injustice grown all around us with a timer until our turn to die and be erased 

Video footage meaningless as they say we are 

Another stone with a lost name placed where birds don’t fly.


Remember when I thought I was so special 

An important part of my area true guide to managing good times 

Bigger than the gun trigger I held contemplating bad years 

Decided life was worth experiencing before news broadcasts of the opposite 

You shook me as a reminder we lack importance to anyone outside of our home

Family members silent friends weathered roads

Searching through bad times grasping small traces feeble pieces to continue 

Weak reasoning we are growing tired of 

Curled in bed bitterly weeping humanity disconnected from the keys 

Abrasive while reminding us we lack points in trying to hope. 


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