Still My Amazing Light 

You’re still my amazing light 

Don’t even think like I’m bored 

Stock in you improved soared 

The more we talk the more I’m excited 

Of course you’re still invited in my heart 

Doubts are below you’ve already earned a permanent part 

I’ll whisper in your ears until it echoes never stops 

My brown eyes reflect your love understood just at the sight of you hard wood 

If I could we’d be more than happy snap us somewhere other than Earth it’s currently crappy 

With hate and ignorance in demand perhaps we can lay a towel on peaceful sand 

Get to know each other invest in each other’s brand 

Bland is far from your description especially describing the taste when I lick in

Our lives winding down bit we’re too busy caring to give when inevitably mocks again I put all on our stocks 

Still my amazing light the one I desire daily and every night in between every moment the part of life I like. 


Whispers from old fixtures clueless 

Stuck to old mindsets don’t amuse us

Constantly saying dumb shit to abuse cause 

Hating is easier than open minds 

Violence is easier than changing blinds 

Stuck in hatred quicksand traps taste like salt and lime 

Drunk off blinding destructions to pass time 

We’ll still overcome avoid their fine lines

I’ll write into your head for comfort lay secure 

You’ll write into my head allure 

I was lost then your love provided a cure 

Reasons to abandon life all a blur 

Lick every curve of your mind and body 

My gifts to you never subpar or shoddy 

You’re everything I’ve ever wanted so know you you truly got me 

My amazing light 

Brighter than stars in a calm sky at night 

I hope you desire me throughout your entire life. 


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