Standing Loved 

Birds wake me in the morning so I’ll appreciate the day 

Awake early so I can see the beauty in my lover’s face 

Contemplate her sweetness before I rise to start 

Every hour with her changes my heart into an art I’ll illustrate glady

Just looking at her enhances awareness clarity and willpower to stay 


Standing loved. 


I don’t know tomorrow but I’m not as concerned 

Just want to feel her arms around me while the world turns 

I can be myself without worry or embarrassment 

Really hope my I love you explains how I feel and the way I sense her beauty inside 

I stand loved by the greatest human I have ever known without hesitation I will show my all


Every kiss 

Explains my list of how great she is to me

Alive wanted and free 

Look into my eyes begging for forever sincerely 

Look into my eyes well and pleased 

No games or any lies I’m committed 

Happy to be chosen and in your life. 


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