Myself Be Myself 

I am a mixture 

So many parts 

It comes together and I know you love this art 

Random movements 

Goofy and silly 

Serious and bold 

Rare to find mold in a being 


We are trying to fine tune being ourselves 

Different people but we love it be yourself

Assure me I can remain a known mystery 
The same reason you’ve given me a chance 

See you naked kiss fuck and hold hands 

A mixture of so many parts 


I don’t want to overpower anyone 

I don’t want my I to be bigger than yours 

Friend I just want to be myself at all times 

No leader or master required dance in our own lines 

Unlike TV we don’t strive for routine 

Freestyle living is reality ignore scripted lies on screen 


Show me how much you love me 

Within bounds I want to be myself daily 

So many parts and yeah the little things shine 

So many parts and yeah that goofiness is just fine 

I’ll dance around our living room finishing with a twirl 


I am a mixture 

Many parts 

Just like you. 


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