Global Failure 

Please point me in the right direction for escaping hatred and I will go

Looking around the globe for peace and no one can tell me where I can be free freely 

Death spread in different languages different flags different clothes but the same disappointments

Tell me which country can claim superiority when we’ve failed globally to change 

Can I come to your land can you visit mind afraid of prison or worse horrors vary by country lines 

And I just want to be in a place where love isn’t smothered by missiles bombs guns or nuclear weapons threats on deck 

Is there a place left where people talk and love each other caring more about progression instead of tradition and rules 

While treating humanity without scandals so many liars can we find any honest humans left? 


Is there a place I can have a home

Without worry of being taken or bombed upon 

A flag caring of her citizens instead of their money

A humble nation with open arms for me always

No lies 

No distortion of its history 

Women and Men truly free 

Unafraid of minds thirsty for education can this be

A place on Earth I can see. 


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