A Condition 

Qualifications are most important keeping me busy for my inspection quiet time to find or create answers just in time 

My moments alone writing with purpose potentially laying steps to future breakthroughs for me and you

Preachers preach to themselves but you relate as we’re both under microscopes personally then public fortunate only one matters 

Instructor instruction while learning my function connecting vague pieces yes sir yes ma’am brain knowledge wisdom junction 

Creative most when I step back my lady the same we react with classics ignoring immature shame emotional games lame attitudes drivers swerving incorrect lanes 

Window panes with our pictures understanding this is our world as much as the next firing words easy to grip triggers 

Tired of being controlled we’ll make our own weather make it fighting together poems to create compasses leading without asking for directions 

Resurrection of similar leaders thrown away ignored from sections until obvious signs like my fellow writers giving sight to figurative blind breaking bonds from crimes 

My dirty condition keeps me grounded a loser on loose-leaf paper winner in hardbound books underground fellow welcoming you and yours to my nook

From North America to India to Germany Africa in Australia Canada too homie we connect though literature all our differences irrelevant smeared out passed we’re a blur of good minds 

I smile when I think about all of you repeat it gladly in double time. 


You’re welcome to enter the center let’s discover the power of unity and erase limitations imagine our curious minds connected without hesitation, saving our nations.


I was rejected because talking about money women and clothes was required to dumb down my listeners and I required better 

Who cares about gold chains and nice things when murder is committed by high officials bumping us off like a sorry game I rather spark involvement 

Dressed up in expensive clothing claiming sexual appeal and paying court costs for ignorance doesn’t make me squeal unfortunately others applaud foolishness 

Therefore I’ll stay writing in my corner alone or with others save a few sisters and brothers of diverse labels until they’re all covered I understand this is more important than the nationality of our mothers 

Our brief time ticking instead of focusing on differences let us join strong become witnesses to unity on Earth give birth to light instead of lost for midnight filled with blood I rather give you all a hug 

Always been a dreamer and I will continue with peace for everyone always first on the menu smiling with true hearts at thoughtful venues. 


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