Garbage Post : Dismemberment Clouds 

Independence planted as a seed because they didn’t like me

They is and were my demonstrations of being human 

Role models of any color absent meanwhile my actions immature then drastic

Perhaps get to learn early my path isn’t easy see I’m an architect designing on the fly makes me queasy 

However is it not wonderful to have responsibilities hurts like hell but the final rights and product mine 

Writing crooked getting pissed than using a ruler to make lines in whatever direction I want 

Joy is in pain love in hatred peace in troubled brains defeated several times only to stand again 

Unamused with politics while we bicker over flowers roots sneakily steal nutrients 

I’ve always been off general charts bad or good oddly enough I’ve met incredible humans swerving 

Pioneer in mental exploration trail blazing we’ll see in the end of school if I’ll make it 

Better than you no and once you understand the nature of existence foolish statements like that won’t happen anymore 

Cutting off self importance clouds of dismemberment have to go. 


I still get notifications regarding the old me

Twenty years ago wake up no they’re still asleep 

Lived with someone for seventeen years and she’s clueless bitter and spiteful oh well 

Hell my journey continues regardless of the cast stare at ya recieve hidden information then adjust my barriers 

Thirty seven years in the making surprise I’m just now awake when times headed low

Insert the proper gender description they’ve always been religious say this is our time to edit this time for next time

I don’t believe in a sequel or different opportunity 

I don’t believe in any gods but used to out pray out fast read my Christian Bible faster me and the ceiling spoke more than thunder during storm 

He’s a little a secret to keep you warm I don’t know who’s right and may not know until I say goodnight 

There’s something deeper than myself saying rules and regulations that hurt mankind are bankrupt so violence is used to enforce 

When something is truly good it doesn’t use fear to come across 

As a butterfly strutting by on a bright day with a kind breeze 

Or a gift of kindness from a fellow human when suicide was on the table now canceled 

A bitter family member now free and willing to smile and embrace 

A sincere smile of care from a child’s face 

Upgrades from this society don’t sting wholesome gifts of grace. 


Why give the answers out for pride to take over or brains we’re not ready 

Know liars in my life by claims of knowing life completely closed fists 

Even more incredible disgusting and inedible knowing death 

Son if you don’t follow this book after this horror you’ll be hanging again on hook

I’m surely not convinced when my money and skin color is important to our leaders 

If there is a paradise why do you seek to control me so much and hate 

Then claim God is good yes sir the idea is great 

He made everything and everyone pleased to see rape murder racism social problems add up line up to come 

Beating unbelievers that’ll show you what paradise is like submission or hellfire razor wire posts on acid coated moving spikes

Let us all hold hands except for the sinners right wing Jesus doesn’t invite those below him to dinner

Left wing Jesus just turns over his fingers and I’m like none of the saviors can save us from our self destruction streak it lingers

There’s something deeper than myself saying rules and regulations that hurt mankind are bankrupt so violence is used to enforce 

When something is truly good it doesn’t use fear to come across .


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