Bitter Man 

All or nothing so let us burn the world 

Oh you’ve arrived just in time to sour life 

We were hoping for a good man to speak 

Instead pain cracks every seal fear has made you weak 

Discussions tumble into yelling one sided performances 

Before it was fun to have you around 

Medals for be condescending adding up 

Underneath nice furniture you’ve allowed diseases to pile 

So high we can’t see your heart anymore. 


You and you 

It’s all about getting at you 

Everything anyone does is just to annoy you right

People want to be happy and go on while you stay still simmering 

Our hands way up you are lost in bitterness 

Broadcast how the world isn’t good enough and violence is the way 

It’s clear peace isn’t desired mister iron fists 

So pissed 

In the Army of bitterness gladly you’ve enlisted. 


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