Unkind Line 

There is a line

A line we must check 

How much of me can I be 

How much of you should not move 

We’re always checking the line.


Did I go too far 

Did you go far enough 

Did you just go too far 

Did I go far enough 

When we’re hurt and confused 

Do we step away defeated 

Or do we just take a break and stand again? 


If love is an ocean

We shouldn’t stop treading at all 

If love is unknown waters 

Shouldn’t we watch out together 

I was wrong 

Then you were wrong 

We’ve come so far why swim all the way home let’s try harder 

Journeys like these are treacherous 


But are we two for one or two for two

These are the moments we swore swimming together would solve 
Here comes a big wave I pray neither one of us gets carried off

There is a line so thin

I don’t want any mistakes or issues to do us in

Do you? 


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