Brighter Corners In A Long Format 

I love certain things like others, darkness doesn’t always stay even though my writing may cause thoughts through dark alleyways 

  1. My girlfriend motivates, helps with lessons in my life even when she’s asleep 
  2. Cooking for a few friends is beautiful,  smiles all around as the eat
  3. The super dog Dusty is cute, cuddles regardless of my state of sleep 
  4. Kindness from strangers excites bringing hope when I’m empty 
  5. Handshake from various skin tones reduces depression it can’t tempt me
  6. Road trips with spending money are wild and fun
  7. When my playlist is celebrated the night is won 
  8. Dancing really goofy while making silly faces starts my heart I’m at the races
  9. Hard rain on a slow day allows dreams via naps in comfortable spaces 

Life appears to be a challenge no doubt but I find good points to focus with 

  1. A good book in a quiet place, no overthinking, no influences to erase 
  2. Petticoat’s genuine smile after seeing mine, her lips I taste 
  3. Oral given until she says it’s enough, then I lick the last time to sum it up 
  4. My own space to calculate decisions in solitude, dinner and drink sup
  5. When someone understands I’m an INFJ personality, we connect creating peaceful scenes, mountains to valleys 
  6. Being myself without criticism floating on life’s stream preparing loving words for digestion in the galleys 

Instead of fighting falling for distractions my interactions monitored by end goals, 

Without needing promises of crowns or paradise to become nice or play right while the rest fold, 

Lukewarm spat from proper conclusions illusions of hate to find a peaceful moment  control business stays booming, 

My skies stay dark however I still remember, bright skies a little while longer major surprise lies introduced to demise,  

Most hated of all time handed rewards awards for holding off cords of hatred,  of course not from a supreme being but from the peace now flowing into minds receiving, 

Beaten for saying death unnecessary to obtain a stability by so called nobility our contained consciousness invincible already free. 


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