Mr. Circle In His Globe 

Problems come with passports from all over without skin manifested by skin

Various types of madness,  same issues different packages,  requesting attention 

Self importance yelling loud standing firm inside failing combat hear me,  only me,  I am me 

Ridiculous droplet a part of an unknown ocean under rain clouds pretending to stand out 

My doubts are faster than I,  quickly running ahead returning with bad news however the future doesn’t exist,  yes it does my overthinking persists 

No upcoming lottery numbers however word is,  I am finished wasting air before tomorrow even gets here,  confirmed by the greatest deceiver of all, Mr. Fear 

Author of lies,  dressed in other words like Satan and or demons,  not a being but a misleading feeling,  missed by blood spilling humans  

Decisions based on the enemy held close,  confused for a Golden ticket when in fact it’s the very first reason we failed,  being afraid of missing out,  fear says they’ll take everything away, strike first. 


And Mr. Circle goes around the globe and laughs until tears join him. 


As a kid there were people who told lies to chase fear away and we learned of the deception, falling deeper into true questions 

How our lives are not here for some test run but for now and only now, we don’t make it out alive and everyone loved dearly will die eventually no matter their fighting skills

Eyes widen discovering how we are scared while some collect knowing this is all, willing to watch minds go insane for luxury and temporary control 

Poor people know it well how this is for money,  yeah deaths and suffering for profit disbelief but then belief how humans are shady trees on a path to death 

I want material things but in my last moments my possessions exposed as vanity, time wasted, unable to bring significance to my last gasps 

I write like a saxophone plays on a street unseen but heard, a soundtrack of words to our slow deaths, I might as well play you a few self written hits before I pass away 

Flick your quarters into my coffin I cannot afford otherwise because dying is expensive too, look, our deaths are provide income for them as well ring bells blow out candles good night. 

And Mr. Circle goes around the globe and laughs until tears join him. 


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