Unexpected Arms And Hugs

Independence slipped away for a moment 

I swore I needed someone else 

Happiness shouldn’t be attached to fickle people and it seems we all are

Tomorrow you may get mad and deny your love 

Tonight you may give it like never before 

It’s dangerous to live by the winds of emotions 

Friend I’ve learned this lesson before 

So have you don’t tell me you haven’t expected a result 

Only to get a different one or none at all 

Mad hurt or upset but it’s our fault 

Shouldn’t depend on a flawed person to make us whole as all of us are damaged somewhere. 


What are you mad for people don’t live for you alone 

What are you upset for you should have look inward instead of holding on 


Guess one day we’ll figure it out 

No more emotional outbursts pleading to be held it’s embarrassing 

Unnecessary uncomfortable 

Should hug ourselves yeah so we don’t depend on another’s touch 

Be happy away from anyone else 

Stop allowing smiles to die when there’s plenty of goodness left within


We hold the keys to happiness and should stop giving them away

We should stop giving them away 

Really should wake up and know this. 


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