Rain Falling On A Worn Coat 

Streets lit with empty promises a nice cover for hiding for the moment 

Gone too far and expected too much fleeing pressed hard into thoughts until agreed 

Pretending to be a stranger isn’t hard I am trying to dodge attention so easy attention never comes so sweating 

Regretting snatching loot to live a few moments on the better side of town laughing upon new proofs of purchase 

Must be nice spending without care too bad the general population where I belong isn’t there 

Cars with fancy gadgets nice features seats heated or cooled I drool unfortunately I don’t get the luxury 

My station is down a few functional levels turning wheels using sore feet for pedals against concrete sharp medal 

The skyline is neutral while I await being captured for my glimpse of the good material life 

Shopping with loose measure buying whatever ticking my fancy vanity giving peck kisses nothing better 

Rain falling on my coat while I clear my throat wondering why wealth is restrained for few hard work can be empty a fool’s errand

Several people die working hard scraped up placed in boxes didn’t even spend any earnings American dream trolling 

Funny how you can be a cashier and count three times your paycheck in a drawer yearly pay a joke nevertheless keep rowing 

Life is but a dream we get the privilege to screen screaming at unsecured seams leaks wash away dreams. 


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