Night Heavy 

Looking at living room walls watching tomorrow’s tide of issues come in

Far from amused anxiety smoke thickening 

Oh I turn page after page grip firm like my pen’s ink with paper 

Damn I wish I hadn’t quit taking medicine designed to block my ego and overthinking 

Lukewarm on my forehead tangling my own hands up

Another night here and I feel my weary scarred hands elevated to my forehead while I shake my head randomly. 


Night heavy. 

Night heavy oh yes it is. 


There are many more important things than finding more differences between us

Instead I sort through articles strong emotional posts to focus in

My problems dance mockingly suggesting future failures of self control and to add flavor 

Reminders of walking zombie neighbors focused on basic drives intelligence declined 

It’s getting harder to see a sunset in peace with a fellow human aware of our insignificance 

Mission to improve in love although it’s easier to destroy in anger 

So we turn page after page releasing hoping grasping crying gripping making fists 

Writing for anyone aware of our greatest mistakes. 


Night heavy. 

These nights are heavy. 

So weary from division, we are watching our world be destroyed by fear engulfed minds. 

So our nights are heavy. 

All across the world. 


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