Pancakes Before The Sun

Let us make pancakes before the sun

After laying in bed refreshed both came to cum 

Mornings like this are pleasant so fun

Grabbing body parts sexy songs sang our wants sung

I want your curves again for brunch and a heavy lunch. 
Talking at our table between bites 

Naked free daybreak sunshine in sight 

When I die I hope moments like these play

Smiling sincerely you build my days

Piano in the background syrup between legs I’m not full yet. 
Come home while I’m asleep 

Make some pancakes then we’ll work them off

I’ll do the same for you 

Breakfast in bed then a workout too

Staying in bed late 

Stop worrying just take a day long break 

If we eat a lot 

Guess it means we’ll have valid excuses to never stop thrusting and riding.
Days like these keep my smile ready always 

Plans like these stimulate feelings from a well you own in me

I’ll be kissing you deeper as we go

Pecan pancake chef. 


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