Moisture Sticky

I’m too uneducated to speak fantastic flutters of how you make me feel 

Saying your name bullseye on my heart strings in one take you play beautifully 

Your eyes flirt with my eyes and I’m sure want is shown boldly 

Now if I can get my mind firing properly consistently we’ll have us a proper fire going 

Every thing  about you is special like how you talk walk and smile about amazing things 

It’s an honor to lick your walls over until shaking approaches climaxes linger submission after tongue passes. 


I’m not trying to be nasty but you know how I get so excited it’s sticky in my boxer briefs 

Not trying to be disgusting just know I keep sticky sheets thinking of you. 


My mind stimulated as well you’re smart and it turns me on

Up and down topics I’m not tired watching you go off

Every little thing you do is magic like Sting and the Police 

Ripped away my programming to be with you and I’ve never been so satisfied above expectations 

Bring that sexy mind and body back so I can treat it better than you request

My ego can shut up I’ve found someone no other human can ever replace. 

I cannot lick your genitals enough to describe my love

I cannot speak properly enough to explain your love

Petticoat I can’t do enough to celebrate your love 

But I’ll try to give a glimpse of what you mean to me

Do whatever it takes to show you I believe 

Believe in me as I believe in you

Finally a dream has come true. 


I’m not trying to be nasty at all but I’ll do whatever you want behind our doors 

Giving a glimpse of your love it’s wonderful. 


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