Garbage Post: Methods For Defective Minds

Weight double in soul from weight carried.  

Carry your weight alone.  

Hope is time waster beautiful mistaken exit loop. 

Paper in front accepting submissions reflecting back injuries and experience in flopping face first. 

Medication to silence ego creating room for a different operating system. 

Please know there are times, 

When I fake running fine, 

Say whatever it takes to make it through fire, 

Cut off from a sea just drying up budding flowers grieve. 

Crying in my bedroom done with the public and done with solitude. 

Agitated with what I do and don’t do. 

Failure carved in my chest stamped on my heart it beats involuntarily. 

How can someone live so long without purpose it hurts this is a nagging feeling. 

Quiet sounds of feeling faltered pound ticks from clocks 


Going under the most beautiful water, 

Under breathtaking water.
Resistance refusing to respond 

You know you’re finished when the body surrenders no fight. 

Another defective mind leaping from a body just in time. 


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