Garbage Post : Brought To A Corner 

Tears appear in her days bewilderment active however I own the sorrow more

Exposed a sweet person to painful mazes it’s my fault she followed my hand 

Halfway through she’s becoming disappointed with her choice as perspectives change 

Face-palming my way through because I suggested shortcuts but she wants the long way 


Maybe I’ll turn around and ask if she wants to go back, 

Cannot blame anyone for abandoning this path, 

I should have yelled until she ran away to save her from unknown unwelcoming life. 


Hearing voices giggling as her smiles fade all because she wants to love me and I am not a first place prize 

More like a mystery box filled with promise or dirty rocks she suffers in attempts to get closer I might owe her a way out

Call cussing and lying sure whatever it takes have her believe I’m mister thoughtless basket case

Smiling as her feelings recover away from me where she suffered feelings of uncertainty swarming. 


I drag flowers down where no one sees their beauty aloud laughing 

Been stalling life but I don’t think it’s worth lacerations adding 

My hugs are worthless unable to stop pain or depression it’s all falling down and I know how to make it stop

Love is sacrifice 

She’ll never walk away so I must be the one to go

She’ll be happy later no need to drag her down so low. 


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