Filthy Silk Silver 

You filthy misleading desire

Appearing to be a resolution to my struggles. 

Greeting my need for importance with sneaky tricks

All leading me to ruin. 

Whore I flirt with

Trap I fall into on purpose 

Shame is the game. 

Just when I feel okay

You make me withdraw as I climb 

To remind me you’re not the way. 


Give me a glimpse of being rescued 

Then drop me back into helplessness. 

Suck me dry for the hour 

Then refuse to kiss me next time

Rip my hopes in soiled pieces. 

You’re a liar 

Filthy image meant to lure me into sorrow.

But you are a reflection of my wrong turns

Projection of my ignorance. 

I spew angry sayings to express my annoyance 

You smile hoping I’ll be back for more. 


You’re dirty 

Feeding my need to feel important 

You’re dirty. 


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