Patterns Win

Patterns win against the rebellion 

Might as well fit in well 

Our schedules dominated by necessities 

Exits don’t exist here 

Would have fought every letter 

Fought every day 

Chosen to be at your call 

But responsibilities broke our yelling down 

Showing off was cute but work calls now

Being a published author was cool but work is how you’ll survive until it gets serious or dies. 


Punching a clock repulsed us until the bills came in nonstop 

Was a good dream to be discovered but it’s more likely we’ll just write without names 

Reality slaps our faces

Maybe it’s not offensive after all

Almost time for bed to repeat this

Cycle of repetitive labor until it wins. 


Patterns win 

We’re human so patterns win

We’re no one so patterns win

Gotta get up in the morning and do this again. 


You laughed when I dreamed of lottery ticket wins

Now you understand why I bought false hope now and then 

Run your circle for several decades and find your savings account overdrawn. 


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