Awe Dawn 

I thought my life was was over until she touched my hands 

Pointless efforts revealed as noble attempts to understand 

She knows how to resurrect a fallen warrior with her eyes 

How can I explain in mere words how she’s brought life inside of an abandoned kingdom 

No hidden agenda so she earns front and center with all of my love as hers 

Living must have something to it and she’s an untouchable piece to daylight 

I kill my ego to bow down before her greatness 

I am nothing without her smile and it’s seen everywhere we go

Love in our eyes no matter the roads life take us on

Awe Dawn has come darkness be warned 

I’m not afraid of imagination when she whispers strength beating fear. 


I lick her until her body acknowledges my efforts a sweet offering in haste 

I kiss her deeply because I am free within her yearning holding giving thanks 

Up and down I go without stopping mopping her pleasure it stimulates my head

Tonight and every night she desires I’ll show my want between lips wanting me

You make my selfish ways part utterly defeated ran through 

My tongue cannot thank you enough 

My inches cannot tell how much I’ll be hard for you. 


Forget the jealousy by others they don’t understand 

How much I’ve been waiting for you I’ve been waiting for a lover inside out of the bedroom fully equipped with compassion 

Passion drain me dry awaiting the next shipment my tongue never tires up your body back down all night until we call out from work to get my sheets covered in confirmation 

I’m so sure they’ll be no one else help me prove it thoroughly via moans 

Bend over on front of me knowing I will demonstrate how real lovers love 


Lips to lips 

Thrusts and kisses 

Care never abuse 

Treat you like you treat me flawless 

I thought I was pointless worthless a waste of space 

You allowed a private dinner a meal I love to taste. 


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