Hate Cannot See Itself In Mirrors 

Hate is justified there’s no humble discussion allowed 

Focusing on the bad news and bad experiences yeah the statistics it wants 

Oh did you hear about that story 

Say a counter story and get slapped 

You know better they are all the same I’ve checked the whole planet 

My daughter loves one of them so she’s a worthless soul 

Can’t understand how she’d love an animal hope she dies alone 

I’ll come back to say I told you so

My hate isn’t incorrect you know 

My limited experience is good enough I’ve heard it all I’m not mistaken it’s impossible 

They all hunt in packs know each other and do the same things 

What do you mean I’m racist you’re just manipulated within your brain. 

Life could be awesome if everyone was born like me 

No diversity or at least segregation so when we drop bombs none of the superior race will get harmed 

After death our  savior will applaud the hate I mean hard work 

To purify this land different colors must be Satan obviously unable to understand us with feeble intellectual strength

Other tribes and beings are to be controlled conquered and used for free labor 

Heard it whispered from my peaceful Lord and savior



They’ll want equal rights 

They’ll want to sleep at night 

Take what I have 

Use resources I need to grab 

Stop my superiority 

We know I was born on the winning team 

Anyone else is weak 

This mirror says I’m fine can’t say anything to me

Fear but I’ll cut your life down if you say it

Boil down issues, lies, bad history and oh my what is left? 

People of all styles of hatred afraid of being abused and treated unfairly. 

Especially after doing the very same things to the world. 

Scared knowing it was wrong denial with double efforts to stay stone. 

Cannot see the damage with radioactive consequences for generations nothing is the same on Earth. 

Fear doesn’t appear in mirrors only justification fueling hatred. 

All consuming users unaware until a glimpse seen behind walls hearts under dressed bare. 

The way you know it’s hatred are solutions to bring unity are offensive quickly rejected. 

Termination preferred abuse excuses hung in town if you don’t look like us we’re afraid and refuse to be strong to understand or relate. 

Instead we’ll discriminate while seeking control spreading propaganda and fears via media keeping stereotypes alive

Pointing out every bad interaction withholding good or the people see others suitable for our rights

Centuries and decades of lying to be kept even in an information age there are time tested methods of confusion 

Truthfully we’re scared our lives will be rejected and nothing is more important than having higher numbers of us versus them

Whatever it takes to defend our team casualties are acceptable just make sure we have the most numbers 

Pro life for us but get others to hate themselves down to the mothers yes all women held on contempt 

When we look in the mirror after lying, spreading hate, we see nothing wrong at all 

This is how humanity should go and hopefully after this life there’s another one in which we’re divided still, amen. 


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