Inevitably taunts confidently 

Soon our ends will come

Before the sad moments

We should do what we want 

Wipe sad tears from being scared

Off worried faces determined 

Apart floating in this world was the hardest 

Together we enjoy currents having fun 

As I sleep soundly with her face in memory 

Tomorrow’s significant threats sit down one by one

Imperfections fall away 

Our mistakes not so important 

Hugging while we can is important 

Please don’t let me waste any kisses

For we both know one day they’ll cease 

Loud promises of forever challenged by reality 

Tears behind her back 

Silly me thinking of holding on when my death comes 

As if an option existed for an eternity of love

Instead of feeling weak

I’ll replay our afternoons 

Her laughs curves and wants 

While my anxiety sneaks up from its dismissal 

It is defeated when I see her 

Good thoughts whispered low

Hold on until tomorrow 

She’ll be home 

We’ll ignore every clock 

Wipe worried tears out of existence 

Hold her tightly until heartbeats don’t come. 


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