The Family Tree Cuts

Branches fall off and leaves die

Relationships crumble blown towards the sky 

You already know my stance on blood

Crud on treatment proof relation is not enough 

Been begging for the favor of being nonexistent 

Some of them got it we haven’t spoke for instance 

Mothers side closest to me and now the farthest 

My younger brothers and sisters and I don’t speak it’s the hardest 

Almost played like an instrument by another member 

Got a little momentum now our silence colder than winter 

Perhaps they are just like me with door slams 

Or perhaps my internal struggles have got me banned 

Canned and now we don’t speak of each other at all 

Cut the family tree and watch that bastard fall. 


I can’t play innocent I was a hard person to love

Grinding my teeth as a teenager when they asked for hugs

Stealing out grandma’s purse for a new tape never drugs

Hurting my mother until I turned eighteen and moved states away 

Realized she was a prophet with wisdom each and every way

Her life timed out before I could listen to what she had to say 

They all know I was defective or broken beyond repair 

Flirting with death since fifteen that’s nineteen ninety five a year introduction to despair 

Getting carried out of my grandparents house while being slapped 

Grandma said I couldn’t wash clothes or the washing machine would be broken as if I were inept 

Foolishness had me getting left. 


It’s just easier to pretend we don’t exist 

Easier to help prevent bad words and hits 

Cutting all out. 


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