Maybe Later Okay 

Perhaps you’ve been carried away from the start

Slow down

Watch your words more closely

Pretend things aren’t so serious to you

Although bursts of love are underneath 

Hide them don’t be weak and show everything you have 

You may be surrounded by people who don’t understand how much you feel


Maybe later you can be the whole you but until then hold back a little 

Just a little 

Unless you forget how you fly away dreaming of places no one else can see

Desires of touches unimportant to who you love the most 

Try again maybe later okay but not now. 


It’s so tempting to be vulnerable until you find yourself in the wind 

Tossed and shaken without care they smile and joke unaware of how much you want to cry but refuse to 

Oh they were the only one wanted special and chosen carefully because a heart was broken even so your love downplayed cold covered I’m snow 



Seems like the best policy is to hold back 

Give a sample of everything but never give all you better hold back

They may never understand how you’ll sacrifice to stay here 

Brought your wounds to heal here only to get cut again

Maybe later you’ll take this more seriously 

Until then lovers toss and turn broken dreams. 


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