Slowly Constructing 

Oh, yeah I’m still working on the basics and your patience is valued or feel free to watch me scratch my scalp confused or please walk.  

Way longer than plans said I’m just testing things I’m just testing how to stand for maximum energy return many fundamentals to learn. 

Damn I’m frustrated too and this is my project becoming stable rising from under dirty tables walking away from under busses previously thrown under. 

Majority of the time it was me if not every time blame doesn’t help one see choices always mine therefore if I’m going to live I should live how I want. 


Invest in myself. 

See what I can do without slapping hate in every mistake sleeping with failing grades under my pillow. 

Embarrassed but I have to know who I am releasing my feet from this worn out track. 


Maturity needed best way to learn is hands on with mind turned on to loving my efforts so I won’t feel helpless of course it looks reckless but I’m on to something now. 

Ego says hell no we’ve said this before and it’s true I always surrender to I even my writing is proof. 

Gonna try a trillion plans until the one that fits sticks. 


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