Write Until Calm Comes 

Go ahead and write

Until calm comes

Stresses with fears in a jar 

Viewed at once

Lines to calm disasters 

Styles to organize them 

So go ahead and write 

Until your calm comes. 


Bright lights don’t usually shine between buildings 

Gritty raw emotions in alleyways 

Our faucet leaks until emergency status 

If writing our minds canceled 

Up at midnight up at daybreak like every post is cash 

Paid in relief from feeling crazy mad 

Go ahead and write it out it is your story 

An imagination punchlines flips flops an allegory. 


Until calm visits 

Place meaning on blank walls

Escaping feelings captured with pens

Documented thought process travel logistics  

Avoiding shutdowns 

Climbing up out

Graves dug every hour

Constant search for sustaining power 

Learning to love ourselves 

Especially when the evidence says do not. 


Humans trying to solve equations 

Writing out steps we pace on

Rafts we float on until calm begins 

Then we write with joy

Beautiful skyline nothing ignored 

All preparation for the next wave 

Stronger grip for escaping the next graveyard. 


Go ahead and write love

Tear wires chains and doubts off

Be naked without shame 

On blank pages converted to masterpieces 

Author travels to calm down cross pieces. 


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