No Compassion Creates No Remorse 

Called me in for figurative beatings local established past time of watching youth flatline brought back for experiments
Told me I was the wrong color then similar colored folks said I wasn’t a brother went and insulted my mother had me ducking for cover until I went yeah discovered people using hate others for no reason

I turned my hate inside after thinking how to make others die

Could have done what I felt like and slapped my city for rejection when I just wanted to be a child instead of most wanted unwanted called bile

My pillow was an ocean of tears during those precious years I learned no gods are near I learned hatred is everywhere. 

When will it be understood no compassion rewards no remorse? 

If you tell me I’m a waste of space my eraser used without care because you taught me equality is not here. 

Beat me for asking questions on a Sunday morning to show me being myself means submission to anyone rounding up humans for prison 


Wasn’t so long ago we hung with different colored words and rope I mean how else to cope when not allowed to vote no education allowed then called a dope I mean hey

Don’t you get injustice is passed down in DNA found spread generations round didn’t count fallout every which and way

You can’t build houses on radioactive soil surprised when flowers refuse to spin hatred beats expecting toil end


Lies outside paths created by hatred 

Following orders and being raised one way 

Doesn’t leave responsibility negated 

Lies stop true conversations but not consequences 

Force needs more force to be a force forcing force 

Lies need more potent lies in liars to lie down lying down because honesty is hard 

Once you’ve paved roads with deceit takes twice as much work to get to peace

And it’s so easier watching us kill each other than admitting wrongdoing hold pride 

So enjoy the rise to the top 

Pride higher than the sky only to flop 

Men in suits with revolvers in bunkers 

Single gunshots while we go under

And for what a sand castle of superiority 

When it’s all over will they still blame me? 


I hope the same mercy given is returned threefold and whatever hatred used imprinted until its hold is understood 

Burning yourselves and others made killers of freedom souls stolen and borrowed

Worn into ruin I escaped scarred head to toe others fought back not with us anymore this ain’t no skin color battle 

This is a test of all to see if we’ll allow hatred to rule until we fall and I can’t imagine how many tears children have formed 

The moment when they realize fairy tales won’t heal them moment came suicide whispered hello fought thoughts of totalling zero or less walking deficit 

How will we survive these attempts towards our lives smiling killers walk by unafraid counting money donated willingly 

History buried allowing contamination spreading harvested to spread again 

So how will we survive this? 




No compassion creates no remorse more and more people will give up

You yell last days sit arms folded happy while our answers kill themselves. 


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