Surprise Appearances 

She said if the money comes through don’t even call, 

Come over without warning and tell me the directions as we drive off, 

We can park out of town then talk, 

It’s been too long so she has memorized intersections, 

Completely aware of traffic in all directions, 

Honey you know I won’t think twice, 

Anything is better than my life stuck in this unforgiving state. 


Just pick me up with everything ready to go. 

Show up excited with new tires for new roads. 

Don’t even call just come by work and say call later saying I quit in a catchy verse wordplay. 

We’re done around here so just surprise me when you’re ready to go. 


Our friends will get videos and postcards, 

First we’ll go see highway exits on one weekday afternoon, 

She said don’t you dare call me unless you’re in the driveway, 

Calling to say use the bathroom so we can drive away, 

We’ll work out details on new trails with new ideas a brand new feel, 

Surprise me and appear no need to wait you know my heart isn’t here. 


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