To Save You From Running 

So sweet to me friend so I’m going to do you a favor 

To save you from running away 

I’ll take care of my failures in secrecy 

There’s a reason people don’t tell how bad it hurts to those who care 

Shouldn’t drag you under too in the sea of madness 

I’ve been out of place and I’m so scared

Scared I’ll never be completely human it’s hard to see

I’m not good enough so stop fucking lying to me saying I am 

If I call you it’ll just be more lies to calm me down 

To save you from running to my rescue my phone now powered down. 

So close to where I want to be but my fingertips cannot feel anything 

I cry then feel stupid for crying as if things will change I’m still dying without a grip

Clueless birds sing outside as I contemplate making today the final assault to my heart

Glad you’re not here seeing me trapped like a caged animal but I have keys to get out

This isn’t logical I already know still I feel like a fool it won’t go so I’ll suppress it all 

You’re so sweet to me and always happy I’m around it brightens my worn face

Sitting at my dirty table with feelings busting through my fingers on posts I crumble realizing I can’t find a fit in this world 

You will be better off with someone more dependable 

I’m falling apart here with no way out and damn my perception it’s fucked so I can’t see anything but mistakes

Calling out of work not because I’m lazy but because I’m hurt inside and I can’t keep my will together 

Starting hard then I ask what’s the point tumbling miles from where I started because I’m the worst 

Allow me this final good deed 

To keep you from running allow this please 

It’ll help everyone out if I just walk myself home. 


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