Scream In Progress Of Shutdown 

Overhead, skies of beauty 

A little further down, reality and cruelty 

Waiting on a savior to appear 

False belief or death without will to steer 

Like my neighbor’s dog under a tree in the rain 

Existence held like a joke in a frame 

Tied to a tree left to be on watch 

Alone for most of this madness I scream throughout. 

Sunshine and pretty days don’t tell

Beatings continue dried blood smells 

Maybe tomorrow is my personal jail 

Tomorrow may be different my Hell

Disenfranchised hoping the universe will pay bail

Told like before things aren’t so hard 

We’re not hurting over here you’re just so mad 

Hard work with low ways out American roots 

Separated by skin same colored books 

But we’re all going to be friends in this Heaven oh Lord. 


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