Garbage Post: Bad & Good Sunday Folks 

If they refuse to believe 

They shouldn’t be allowed to breathe 

Holy peace coming. 


Now listen up 

We have found the truth 

Don’t look anywhere else

Save time and join our hands 

Resistance means you rather be killed and we can fix it

Acid between your biscuit 

Torture while we praise our way

Blow up your children every day 

No sweat off our heads 

We’re just following orders from our peaceful saviors 

Any excuse to kill anyone different 

Rest in pieces. 


We’re the winners because our book says we are 

You’re the sinners because our rules say so

We even serve our gods segregated 

See how we know we’re the superior brand

Humans are silly forgetting seventy years ago

Rape a wife then beat a slave as long as I pray tonight I’ll cease saved

Refuse to help the poor but know after death it’ll be forgiven 

So join us and beat the hell out of whoever you wish 

Get on your knees and you can slit and opponents wrists 

Far Cry five yeah beat up resistance come join our side

Land of the free especially if you look like me

Land of the lies where we hide the past but there’s no place to hide


Get on your knees and die for the hatred we believe 

Make a fist but on Sunday find white clothes and get dressed 

The same book we beat other humans with to increase labor

The same book we quote before stripping humanity away 

Is the same book we want you to convert to and spread our cause

Refusal is blasphemous resulting in murder to unbelievers heads off 


If anyone refuses to believe our story of peace 

They shouldn’t be allowed to live not allowed to breathe 

Murder torment and torture is blessed if our good news isn’t received



Bad growth corrupts good so in silence messages become dirty and pride mixed with arrogance prevents Holy seals 

Admitting past mistakes and fixing damage isn’t weak actually steps toward going forward instead of pretending we’ve never been wrong 

And I can work with humans admitting they’ve made mistakes before I can respect others who claim hate is good 

So no offense to those who know better and speak up instead of following orders but I refuse to respect anyone who sits back in inactivity 


It wasn’t long ago 

Even serving perfect gods was segregated 

It wasn’t long ago 

Slavery cheered by preachers after saying all humans are equal 

It wasn’t long ago

Women told they’re less and under control of a man always 

It was just yesterday 

Some used religion to murder without care 

It was not long ago

Wolves among you but nothing done to stop the show. 


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