Sharp Hooks

Remember the first time we hid our emotions 

Those we trusted,  appeared disgusted when we were pure 

After such rejection approaching them didn’t make sense anymore 

Weed listened, alcohol listened, bad people listened so we misbehaved 

Screaming Hell is awaiting go ahead prepare grave 

God didn’t speak up, we trying hard but broke as fuck 

Went fishing for compliments but caught nothing, oh wait suffering

Studdering, hesitation, constant buffering 

Until feelings for an ending took root below and above hovering. 


Stories of peers ending books early alone feeling lost unworthy 

I totally understand,  from my family pushed away banned, slammed 

So find me on posts releasing feelings Super Mario busting bricks feeble ceilings 

Dealing in release,  instead of rest in peace, until my depression cease, ceases to run my streets 

A deep part of us linked through paper and pen, keyboard whatever medium hearts go large then hit send. 


No matter how I want to leave 

I always come back to write and read

Something about these lines we create worlds with

Amazes everyone wishing to understand why we exist and why we all will die. 


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