Creamy Peanut Butter And Apple Jelly Toast 

Let us hope most things go smoothly 

Antenna on, I’m searching for instructions or perhaps signal

Carry me off in confidence like a leaf dancing to a breeze into a new home 

I’ve always heard this is all perception’s classroom 
I hope my average becomes more than decent soon. 


Who plays the musical instruments in the background as I write my releases 

May I have an interview in regards to inspiration especially via desperation 

I’m your local news board with flyers posted 

Sometimes nothing other times I fill every inch available 

Waiting for a connection although my location isn’t idea for discovery 

Different worlds and opportunities don’t come so easy

Like a day off with creamy peanut butter and apple jelly toast at a picnic. 


Felt a sudden breeze out of place and wondered if it was meant for me

Temporary touches of unseen chases teasing my heart again 

Replying I wish to see what I need to see plainly 

Decrypt mysterious meanings in ways simple minds can perceive 

Antenna functional equipped awaiting signals hope they come in clear

Because I’ve heard great minds swear this whole classroom is focused on perception 

Today is the day I want to see the way I should forever be

Pass class stack on another learn today another lesson tomorrow 

Cast my light in life fill my years refusing to be die hollow. 


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