Failure Island Rescue 

If we work together diligently I’m sure we’ll escape,  

If we hold hands tighter behold the diamonds we’ll make viewing each one satisfied,  

I’m confident on undiscovered emotional shores you are not, 

You are confident on staying grounded where I find myself wobbly in my seemingly haphazard movements. 

I unfeignedly swear to you, 

If you’ll continue to care I’ll do even more than you require of me, 

Swear I’ll ignite and maintain our fires stand by watching them I’m no liar.

Goddess I swear to you, 

Death before I ruin our lives I’ll choose to drift away in the ocean until my body decomposes. 

I swear I don’t want to exist if tears from your eyes persist, 

It slashes my soul minced when you cry looking at me saying there’s nothing I can do. 

Now I’m sitting in the most darkest humid cave I could find,

A corner of rain water mixing with my tears you’ll never know the difference, 

Sure I’m no superpower individual but damn mind there has to be some way I can intervene, 

No I can’t save everyone but I want to save you from depressing moments, 

Most of my scars earned moving through them, 

Yeah I know you have to experience darkness too, 

Cannot stand tears of pain smeared mockingly on your face by pressures.

I swear to you, 

I’ll fight until my life is due continue going further to keep you smiling. 

Lover I swear to you, 

I’ll cut my chances and own neck too if it will see you through these man-made hellfire traps. 

I swear to you, 

I’ll fight unseen bold linked visual horror forces too just to make sure you sleep in comfort through nights it is what I must do. 

When you cry I cry too, 

We’ll work together to be rescued by our own hands, 

Delivered to a safer place if any exist,

I swear to you, 

I swear to you, 

Just tell me when to strike and I’ll send them without warning, 

Just tell me what to conquer and I’ll be the victor by morning. 


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