Alice In Wonderland Chains 

A compass won’t help us out of here

I promise none will,

Fierce storms come and go disregarding our efforts 

Holding onto a light pole with exposed rusty nails may be wise, 

You’ll never figure out how life works

It’s impossible to do just go through the merciless gauntlet strong yeah alert, 

Lessons seem given under harsh circumstances without care of pain

Bring bandages if you have to learn any lessons again. 

Downside upside down. 

What do these mental abusers want? 

To squeeze until broken clay comes out. 

Break us into pieces no one wants to make into art.  

When dreams splattered against walls like paintings coveted by all

Hope poured from eyes like air on a mountain during a hurricane’s flair, 

Beauty wasn’t bittersweet it was just beauty naked shame nonexistent or asleep 

Connections to humans rotten inside wasn’t a fear or reason to stay inside terror lurking out, 

A compass won’t help us out of here it’s been proven 

Dying for users who drain life isn’t moving just a waste of a good heart,

Tell us again why we’re abnormal hiding our king and queen of hearts by buttoned sleeves

Explain it effectively with logic so I’ll get how I’m the animal in this scene,

Laughter from the evil choice club members who haunt victims daily with renewed vigor 

One day one response will confuse conquer and nullify their arrogant figures. 


We avoid our coffins. 

Things have changed so we long for our sleep quicker. 

No direction in or out so to prevent madness mixed with an infinite sadness busy work I’ll stay busy. 

Until I die unaware deceased gone dizzy upside down. 

Downside upside down. 


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